Julianne Moore: Licensing All Gun Owners Is Not Gun Control

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After MRC Culture called out Hollywood celebs like Julian Moore for making movies laden with gun violence then calling for gun control, Moore defended herself by denying she is for gun control. Rather, she said she is for “gun safety” laws that include expanding background checks, requiring licenses for gun owners, and mandating how and when gun owners store their guns at home.

Again–she stressed that these controls represent “gun safety” not gun control.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, MRC Culture “studied the top 10 movies in theaters over the weekend, the first since a gunman killed nine people Thursday at Umpqua Community College, and counted 334 acts of violence in those films, 121 of which involved guns.”

MRC Culture then called out numerous pro-gun control Hollywood celebs who have ties to these or other such violent movies, and they focused a lot of attention on Julianne Moore for being a proponent of gun control on the one hand while being one of the celebs who has availed herself of guns in past movies. They contrasted Moore’s use of guns in film with a tweet she sent to Valerie Jarrett, advisor to President Obama, thanking Jarrett for “amplifying [the] conversation on gun violence].” Moore’s tweet also said, “We all must do more & creative community is committed.”

Moore responded to MRC Culture by saying:

I am an American citizen and a believer in the Constitution. But I believe that with the rights that the Constitution gives us, we also have responsibilities. I am committed to improving gun safety in the U.S. and reducing gun violence by advocating for background checks, gun licenses and safe gun storage, and by keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people.

Ironically, Moore’s “gun safety” push is identical to the Democrats’ gun control push and looks exactly the same as the gun control laws we have seen put in place in states like California. Her focus on expanded background checks even mirrors the gun control that was signed into law earlier this year in Oregon, where they mandated a background check for all guns–retail or private.

But Moore wants us to understand it is not about control when she pushes it. Rather it is only about safety.

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