Lena Dunham: Our Next President Will Be a Feminist Because It’s ‘Sexy’

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While many women remain hesitant to label themselves as “feminist,” Lena Dunham continues to embrace the divisive term.

Vanity Fair has released a video from its New Establishment Summit, in which Dunham offers her insights on feminism and politics, as well as why she feels she wouldn’t be a serious candidate for President of the United States.

“I think it’s complicated how young women react to the word feminist,” says Dunham in the video. “Feminism doesn’t mean you wanna like take a stake and kill all the men and like create your own planet, it means that you believe that you deserve all the same things that people who were born not of your gender deserve.”

“If you care about equality, it’s really simple and hard to negate,” Dunham added.

The Girls star, who recently launched a feminist podcast and newsletter to discuss gender politics, says it is not her place to judge other women on their feminist etiquette.

“Part of feminism is the freedom to let other women make choices you don’t necessarily understand,” said Dunham, while using armpit hair and nipple pasties to make her point.

She also finds the idea of a group of women protesting in petticoats getting arrested “hilarious.”

“The fashion of the feminist movement has always been LOL funny,” she said.

Dunham interviewed Hillary Clinton for her online feminist newsletter Lenny Letter recently, and strongly believes the Democratic frontrunner will be our first female president, unless Viola Davis swoops in last minute to assume the role.

“In 2025, I think that feminism is no longer a dirty word,” Dunham continues. “I think we’re probably on our second female president.”

“If our president is not female, they’re definitely down with calling themselves a feminist because they recognize it’s the sexy thing to do and it’s gonna get them laid,” she said.

As for why Dunham will not be running for POTUS in the future:

“Because I have a very public history of nudity that I think would prevent me from taking office, and I’m not interested in fighting that fight…also, I would be terrible at it.”