PC Citizens of ‘South Park’ Banish Their ‘Racist, Trigger-Happy’ Police Force

Comedy Central
Comedy Central

South Park‘s 19th season has already been called the show’s best in a decade for taking a hatchet to political correctness run amok. Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and company are set to continue twisting the knife this week when the citizens of South Park banish the town’s “racist, trigger-happy” police force because of their newfound PC sensibilities.

“The ever more PC citizens of South Park decide that they no longer need a police force,” Comedy Central writes in a press release for the new episode. “As the first American town to get rid of their cops, they plan to celebrate their advanced sensibilities with a PC Carnival.”

In the preview clip above, the residents of South Park cheer when Randy Marsh shuts down a police officer with “I bet you don’t even know what ‘farm-to-table’ means.” As the dejected police officer turns and walks away, Randy declares: “Wow, we’ve only had a Whole Foods for a month and already we don’t need cops. So cool.”

The new episode follows an entire season’s worth of gags skewering political correctness, gentrification, Donald Trump, and Caitlyn Jenner. While most seasons of South Park feature episodes with one-off storylines, the 19th season has featured a serialized format where each episode picks up where the last left off.

Also in the upcoming episode, Kenny raises the suspicion of a foreign terrorist organization when he leads the boys in a game of Ninja Warriors.

The new episode of South Park airs on Wednesday at 10pm on Comedy Central.



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