WATCH: Jason Sudeikis, Rebecca Hall Connect Through Tragedy in ‘Tumbledown’

The first trailer for Tumbledown, a romantic drama that premiered at last year’s Tribeca Film Festival, was released online this week.

Starring SNL alum Jason Sudeikis, Rebecca Hall, Joe Manganiello, and Blythe Danner, the movie follows the protective widow (Hall) of a popular folk musician, who died suddenly after releasing an acclaimed album.

Sudeikis’ character travels from New York to Maine to interview Hall’s character about the mysterious singer, when the pair agree to co-author a biography together.

Read a portion of the official synopsis:

Years after the accidental death of her folk-legend songwriter husband Hunter, Hannah (Rebecca Hall) has yet to fully accept her small-town life in Maine without him. She spends her days contemplating a book she’d like to write on Hunter’s life and work and indulging in a fling with a local meathead (Joe Manganiello). But when she is approached by brash New York academic Andrew (Jason Sudeikis), intent on penning his own biography of her late husband, Hannah is roused into action.

The synopsis adds that Hannah is “wary” of Andrew’s intentions and that both characters are eventually led to “surprising discoveries” about life and love.

Tumbledown will premiere on February 12.


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