Left Eats Their Own: Goes After Richard Dreyfuss for Attending Cruz Rally


Oscar winning actor and Obama supporter Richard Dreyfuss fired back at his critics after he was attacked for being seen talking to Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz backstage at a recent rally.

The Madoff star’s conversation with the conservative candidate angered liberals, TheWrap reports, so Dreyfuss went on Fox News to clear the air.

“I went to hear whether or not there’d be a difference between what I was hearing through the TV camera and live,” Dreyfuss told host Megyn Kelly Thursday.

“If we don’t know civics, we are giving up knowledge of the greatest political revolution in the history of civilization,” Dreyfuss said.

“When I saw that people were attacking my dad for his curiosity, it offended me on principle,” said Harry Dreyfuss, Richard’s son.

The 68-year-old actor, who played former Vice President Dick Cheney in W, was outspoken about his support of Obama:

Still, some saw Dreyfuss with Cruz as proof of disloyalty.

“I’ve enjoyed listening to Cruz even though we don’t agree on everything,” Dreyfuss said. “So when he came up to me that day, I was ripe. I was ready to be talked to.”

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