Netflix Family Show ‘Fuller House’ Debuts with Shots at Donald Trump

Fuller House on Netflix

The Tanner gang is back on television screens for the first time in 20 years, as Netflix debuted the Full House reboot Fuller House late Thursday night — and the show wasted practically no time going after Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump with a pair of jabs.

Just a few minutes into the new family series, D.J. Tanner’s young son Max tries to prove he’s an adult: “Relax Mom, I already know all the bad words! ‘Dumb, booger, and Donald Trump!'”

A few moments later, Kimmy Gibler (Andrea Barber) puts her bare feet up on the table: “Once again, my feet saved the day!”

“Yeah, but they smell like Trump,” jokes young Max.

Romper’s Karen Fratti called the Trump jokes “enough of a reason to watch the series,” while Bustle’s Allyson Koerner called the updated series “refreshing.”

“The original sitcom seemingly always tried to be politically correct and rarely went out of its comfort zone, especially when it came to possibly alienating or offending others,” writes Koerner. “Well, that surely isn’t the case with Fuller House. It isn’t holding back and doesn’t seem to be afraid of pushing the boundaries. It sure is refreshing to see a somewhat newer and more modern version of the show that I couldn’t get enough back in the day. Now we just have to wait and see if Trump replies to the dig.”

The show’s cast had appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show recently to poke fun at Trump in a Full House-inspired skit. Trump, played by Fallon, lies awake at night, fretting that he won’t be able to pull off securing the Republican nomination. The entire cast of the new show enters to console Trump in classic Full House style.

Fuller House has been mercilessly panned by critics. The Hollywood Reporter‘s Daniel Fienberg was particularly harsh, calling the pilot the most “painful” episode of TV so far this year and criticizing its apparently overly enthusiastic studio audience. The series sits at 31 percent on ratings aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

“Probably more so than with any of the other recent television reboots, every reaction to Fuller House from both the studio audience and probably the home audience will be nigh on Pavlovian, and it’s a study in how little needs to be done to produce drool,” Fienberg wrote.

All 13 episodes of Fuller House are available to watch on Netflix now.


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