Activists Turn Empty Hollywood Walk of Fame Stars into Black Lives Matter Memorials

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A group named Indecline, founded by Bum Fights (2002) creators Ryan MacPherson and Daniel Tanner, tagged empty stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with names of people killed by police officers.

Names like Freddie Gray, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Oscar Grant, and Eric Garner were placed on Hollywood stars where a celebrity’s name would normally appear.

The group’s prank has been immortalized online in a video posted to Vimeo titled “#BlackLivesMatter: Hollywood.”


“Not all stars are created equal,” read a blog linked on Indecline’s Instagram.

The blog continues:

Indecline wanted to basically say that the few men and women featured in this piece, along with the overarching issue that binds them together, are more important than any of the names embedded in a star on the Hollywood Boulevard. Police Brutality and blatant disregard for human rights on behalf of rogue officers of the law are among some of the serious issues at present and they thought this would be a way to engage the public in this conversation. The hustle and bustle of Hollywood Boulevard at night is surely something to see, but these guys I’m sure have stories to tell on what went down as this was getting done.

The plates used for the names and logos were manufactured and they used an industrial strength epoxy to secure them to the stars. This shit went down last Saturday night all while ducking the cops and cameras that riddle the boulevard.

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As for Indecline, they “haven’t discussed a plan in regards to returning for more, but are currently in the pre-production phases on something much more elaborate pertaining to Donald Trump,” a spokesperson for the group said according to Sputnik News.

Indecline creators MacPherson and Tanner made millions after they sold the rights to their Bum Fights video series. The two most recently claimed to be the creators of the world’s largest piece of illegal graffiti. The group sales “F–k Trump T-shirts, belts, and, masks among other pro-anarchy merchandise.

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