‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Starts Season with Hackneyed ‘War on Women’ Skit

Comedy Central

The Season Four premiere of Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schemer was a three-minute liberal attack on Republicans that saw the comedian at her annual gynecology appointment, surrounded by four Republican Congressmen from the fictional House Committee on Women’s Health.

When Schumer asks for her doctor, one of the congressmen says, “We’re your doctor. We’re the House Committee on Women’s Health. So I think we have a better idea than a bunch of science-y nerdles.”

“When was the date of your last lady curse?” the fictional lawmakers ask Schumer — and “How many blood diapers did you use?”

The fake congressmen go on to ask Schemer if she is married, only to be shocked when they learn that she has had multiple sexual encounters with men who are not her husband.

“I’d feel a lot more comfortable with a woman here,” Schumer said. “Aren’t there any women on the women’s health committee?”

“That’d be like letting the lions run the zoo!” one congressman responded.

The premise of the skit is to paint Republican’s in Congress — and by extension, anyone who’s not a liberal Democrat — as anti-women’s health.

Schumer was, in fact, was pleased enough with the Daily Beast’s description of her skit. “ torches Republican congressmen for wanting to control women’s bodies,” the Daily Beast wrote on Twitter, much to Schumer’s delight.

Amy Schumer, who has been accused of stealing jokes from her fellow female comedians, is an ardent Hillary Clinton supporter who has smeared Republicans as anti-women in the past.

Last May, Schemer cut a faux birth control ad that pushed the phony Republican “War on Women” narrative.

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