Stacey Dash Talks ‘Dash America’ Movement: Conservatives Can ‘Take Back Influence and Power’ in Hollywood

NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 15: Stacey Dash arrives at the "American Sniper" New York Premiere at Frederick P. Rose Hall, Jazz at Lincoln Center on December 15, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)
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Actress and Hollywood conservative Stacey Dash launched a new political and cultural movement this week called Dash America, which she hopes will empower conservatives to re-gain influence in the entertainment business and in other traditionally progressive industries.

“I believe that instead of allowing others to divide us and hold us down, we must empower one another to rise up and unite for the sake of our great nation and the values that have made us the strongest country in the world, a true beacon of freedom for all people and all nations under God for centuries,” Dash wrote in a blog post announcing the initiative earlier this week.

Dash wrote that her new movement will focus on “unity, faith, family values and feminism” and also calls for a “return to Reagan’s Hollywood, a time when movies were pro-America, pro-freedom and pro-family values.”

Big Hollywood caught up with Dash for a brief interview about her new initiative, and how conservatives can “take back influence and power” in the progressive entertainment industry.

Big Hollywood: What is Dash America? Is it a production company? A movement? A non-profit?

Stacey Dash: It’s my political platform. I am active in many arenas; this website is one place everyone can go to see what I am doing and what they want to be a part of. Being a news contributor has driven me to want to take action and not just talk about issues! I have a focused program that will allow me to reshape the very volatile political environment today.

It’s not a production company. It’s much bigger than that. A production company will be part of the Ronald Reagan’s Hollywood portion of the platform, but this is about empowering writers, actors, producers and distributors who are conservative to share the values and voices that many Americans have and are not being represented in Hollywood. This is critical because Hollywood influences our nation through movies, television and the Internet; we need to take back this influence and power.

Ronald Reagan’s Hollywood will not judge you based on your political view, race or sexual orientation. Just on your level of talent and quality of performance. It’s a call to action. I’m challenging all conservatives in Hollywood to stand up for their beliefs in spite of persecution.

It’s the most exciting political movement in America today. We need to see past political talk and move towards results, and actions! The movement will have a non-profit in the future for some of the projects I’m doing to empower women and people in the inner cities.

BH: Will Dash America seek out conservatives in Hollywood to work with? Are you open to working with well-known Hollywood liberals if they express interest?

SD: Yes, to both.

BH: You mentioned that you’d like to see a return to Reagan’s Hollywood. What are some of your favorite movies from that era?

SD: Dark Victory with Bette Davis. The Women with Joan Crawford and Rosalind Russell. The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Those are just a few examples.

BH: Do you think Hollywood is far too liberal now to ever return to the promotion of conservative American values?

SD: It is never too late to change the way we behave or think. Which is why my motto is, “It’s never too soon and it’s never too late.” You can join us.

Contact us on the website; decide which initiative you are interested in helping either by volunteering or funding. Also, follow me on Twitter. As we move forward, more information will be sent out.



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