‘Funny or Die’ Releases Video of Donald Trump Rapping to Nazis and KKK

Screenshot/Funny or Die

Canadian comedian Tom Green — who was fired by Donald Trump during the 2009 season of NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice — stars in a video released on liberal comedy website Funny or Die that features the presumptive GOP presidential nominee rapping to an audience featuring Nazis and Ku Klux Klan members.

Sporting a blonde wig, the 44-year-old Freddy Got Fingered star raps lyrics including, “I don’t give a f*ck, I’ve got a TV show/Send everybody back to Mexico,” and “I got money, so it’s OK/To listen to the dumb sh*t that I say.”

Midway through the video, the audience listening to Green as Trump is revealed to be full of Ku Klux Klan members in white hoods and Nazis in full regalia.

“Do the Donald, do the Donald Trump,” Green sings in the chorus.

In an interview with Canada’s CBC Radio, Green said that he was “shocked” that Trump was going to become the Republican presidential nominee, though he had anticipated it and had begun writing the rap song around five months ago.

“It’s something that’s worrisome to me,” Green said. “I’m a Canadian citizen, I can’t vote in America, but I do live in America, I own a home in America and I wanted to do something and say something and put something out there that shows my disgust with what’s going on.”

“I just find it shocking and outrageous that the media in America hasn’t held Donald Trump to account for his evil and divisive and bigoted rhetoric that he has been using to stoke and fan the flames of racism in America,” he added. “And so the video is definitely a reflection of that. It’s a very Orwellian-themed video. The ‘Donald dance’ is essentially a Nazi salute, which Donald Trump has done at his rallies.”

Funny or Die appears to be a natural choice for the release of Green’s video. The Will Ferrell-Adam McKay-founded comedy website has long served as a sort-of liberal creative tastemaker and functioning outreach platform for the Democratic Party, with countless videos skewering conservative causes and Republican political candidates.

In February, the website released a 50-minuted “lost” TV movie based on Trump’s book The Art of the Deal, starring Johnny Depp as the Republican candidate. The site has also released videos like the “North Carolina Anti-Gay Tourism Commercial” and previously invited President Obama on to its popular series “Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis” to promote the Affordable Care Act.

This isn’t Green’s first foray into rapping; the comedian rapped under the name MC Bones in the 90s hip-hop group Organized Rhyme and in 2005 formed the rap group Keepin’ It Real Crew along with DJ EZ Mike of the Dust Brothers.

Green was fired by Trump in the third episode of The Celebrity Apprentice 2 in 2009.


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