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5 Creepiest Celebrity Advertisements for Obamacare

A bevy of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities starred in several on-screen campaigns to help build support around the passage of the Affordable Care Act, commonly called Obamacare. Now, more than seven years after it was signed into law, President Obama’s crowning legislative achievement is likely going to collapse under its own bureaucratic weight.


Madonna Gets Naked for Hillary Clinton

Pop icon Madonna joined her colleague Katy Perry in getting naked to encourage Americans to head to the polls on Election Day.


Katy Perry Votes Naked in ‘Funny or Die’ PSA (Video)

Pop star and outspoken Hillary Clinton supporter Katy Perry stripped down to her birthday suit to head to the ballot box in a new voter registration PSA produced by liberal comedy website Funny or Die.


Funny or Die Recruits Ken Jeong for Primetime Video Skit at DNC

Liberal comedy website and functioning Democratic Party outreach vehicle Funny or Die recruited actor Ken Jeong for a video mocking Donald Trump that aired in primetime during the Democratic National Convention Monday night.


‘Funny or Die’ Releases Video of Donald Trump Rapping to Nazis and KKK

Canadian comedian Tom Green — who was fired by Donald Trump during the 2009 season of NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice — is back with a retaliatory video releaesed on liberal comedy website Funny or Die that features the presumptive GOP presidential nominee rapping to an audience featuring Nazis and Ku Klux Klan members.


Liberal Funny Or Die Hosts 10-Hour Comedy Marathon For Gun Control

Liberal comedy website Funny or Die held a ten-hour stand-up comedy marathon late Wednesday into early Thursday morning to show support for the current Democrat push for more gun control. The marathon — which reportedly began Wednesday night and lasted until 4:30


Johnny Depp: Donald Trump Will Be America’s ‘Last President’

During a red carpet interview for the premiere of his latest film, Johnny Depp suggested that a Donald Trump presidency would be “exciting” for America because the billionaire real estate mogul would be the “actual last president of the United States.”


Watch: Johnny Depp Does an Impression of ‘Brat’ Donald Trump

Johnny Depp ripped into GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump during a lecture at Arizona State University on Saturday, where he called him a “brat” and offered up several of his best impressions of the billionaire candidate.


Watch: Lena Dunham Asks Hillary if She Saw Lenny Kravitz’s Penis

Funny or Die released a preview of the interview that airs Sept. 29 between alleged rape-hoaxer Lena Dunham and Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. Dunham has a new website up by the name of “Lenny Letter,” and Clinton jokingly told her that she


Olivia Wilde: Hillary a ‘Really Exciting Candidate’

In an interview with the Daily Beast, actress Olivia Wilde said she will throw her support behind Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, despite having previously urged Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren to run for the post.

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Funny or Die PSA: Comedians Try to Act Gangsta, Mock Pro-Gun States

A March 12, a Funny or Die public service announcement for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence features an actor and actress trying to act gangsta with bb guns, waving them around and discussing states in which criminals who “wear leather jackets and scream at women” can most easily carry guns.