Salma Hayek Offers to Lend Trump Copy of ‘U.S. History for Dummies’


Actress Salma Hayek appeared on The Late Late Show With James Corden on Wednesday night and suggested that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump read U.S. History for Dummies.

“Mr. Trump, I recommend to you to read this book,” the Mexico-born actress said while holding up a copy of U.S. History for Dummies. “I will gladly lend you my copy.”

The Sausage Party star was asked by Corden if there was anything that Trump has said during his campaign with which she agrees.

“He writes in his book that when he was in first grade, he punched his music teacher because he didn’t think he knew anything about music,” Hayek responded. “And, later in the book, he reflects, saying that he’s still exactly the same as that kid in first grade. I agree with him that we have a first-grade bully running for the president of the United States.”

The 49-year-old actress and staunch Hillary Clinton supporter has repeatedly criticized Trump since he launched his campaign for president.

Last July, Hayek told E! that she would prefer not to say Trump’s name in interviews, so as to not give him any “extra publicity.” A few days later, the actress told the Los Angeles Times that Trump is entitled to his “stupidity” and he’s “entitled to be dumb.”

In April, Hayek heaped praise on the Democratic presidential nominee, calling Clinton a “smart” “human” with the “heart” to be America’s president.

“Men are too passionate and their egos are too stubborn. She is levelheaded. She is kind. She has a heart. She’s human. She’s smart,” Hayek said. “But nothing brings her down. They’ve been trying to put this woman down for 30 years. She’s indestructible. She gets up with grace. And she gets things done with grace — not bullying.”


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