Rapper Killer Mike Uses Text of Hacked Clinton Email for Merchandise


Rapper and progressive activist Killer Mike has used the text from a leaked internal Hillary Clinton email on t-shirts and sweatshirts being sold through his website.

The 41-year-old Run the Jewels rapper and staunch supporter of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential run loaded up the merchandise with the text of a February email sent to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta from one “mfisher@hillaryclinton.com.”

The subject line of the email reads “Killer Mike,” while the body of the email simply reads, “I guess Killer Mike didn’t get the message.”

The email was revealed as part of WikiLeaks’s ongoing release of thousands of internal Clinton campaign emails sent to Podesta.

Killer Mike — real name Michael Render — is selling the merchandise through his Daylight Curfew website. In an Instagram post announcing the new threads, the rapper promised to “#MakeADollar off their bullsh*t sabotage attempts.”

While it wasn’t immediately clear what the email was referring to, Killer Mike was a vocal supporter of Sanders’s presidential bid around the time the email was sent, before Sanders ultimately lost the Democratic nomination to Clinton.

While introducing Sanders at a rally at Morehouse College a few days before the email to Podesta, the rapper quoted a progressive friend of his who told him that “having a uterus doesn’t qualify you to be president.”

“You have to have policy that’s reflective of social justice,” the rapper added.

The comment led to charges of sexism from Clinton allies.

In an August interview with celebrity gossip outlet TMZ, Killer Mike defended Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump over accusations that he had called for Second Amendment proponents to harm Clinton. Still, he remained undecided about who he would vote for in November.

“If you don’t want any war, you’ll be voting for Jill Stein. If you want less government and war, you’ll be voting for Gary Johnson,” he said. “I have not decided yet… definitely not [Trump] or [Clinton].”


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