Gun Control Movie ‘Miss Sloane’ Bombs At Box Office


Gun control film Miss Sloane stumbled then collapsed at the box office as EuropaCorp expanded it into 1,648 theaters this weekend, only to take in a reported $1.9 million.

This puts the total domestic intake for Miss Sloane at just under two million dollars, according to Box Office Mojo. Forbes summed it up by saying the movie “bombed” and that it was expanded “with tragic results.”

Miss Sloane stars Jessica Chastain as skilled D.C. lobbyist Elizabeth Sloane, who finds herself taking on the gun lobby in Congress.

Breitbart News previously reported that Miss Sloane was to be another of Hollywood’s many attempts to use the big screen to show Americans in flyover country that gun control is a noble endeavor. The film’s director, John Madden, explained that the film highlighted “the fallacy that any form of gun regulation is a slippery slope to confiscation.”

In the real world, all forms of gun regulation eventually combined to lead to confiscation in California. Americans in the other 49 states have watched this happen in real time. Universal background checks and an “assault weapon” ban led to firearm registration and, yes, firearm confiscation laws. And throughout the process, instead of hitting the brakes, Democrat lawmakers continued to pass more and more gun controls–including stricter “assault weapons” restrictions, a “high capacity” magazine ban, ammunition background checks, etc.

Yet Madden’s film communicates the message that it is a “fallacy” to claim gun control leads to confiscation.

It appears the message was not well received.

One reviewer on IMDB summed up a central problem with the film this way:

Elizabeth (Jessica Chastain) erroneously claims that, “Any headcase, felon, or terrorist can buy an assault rifle from a gun show, the Internet, or his buddy at the Bowl-O-Rama without so much as an ID.” It’s a common myth that’s there’s a “gun show loophole”, but it’s not true. Anyone with even a minor amount of knowledge about gun sales, as an experienced lobbyist would, should know that. ALL gun sales by a licensed firearms dealer must pass a background check, regardless of whether they happen at a gun shop, a gun show, the Internet, his living room, or the trunk of his car. Guns ordered over the Internet must be shipped to a licensed dealer, who then verifies ID and does the background check.

Of course, Hollywood rewards its own. And even though the movie expanded “with tragic results” and “fizzled,” Chastain has been been nominated for a Golden Globe for her role in the film.


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