Jackie Mason Rips CNN: ‘If You Have No Conscience, You Don’t Have to Admit’ You’re Fake News (Exclusive Video)

In these trying times, Jackie Mason is the Voice of Reason.

In this week’s exclusive clip for Breitbart News, Jackie goes off on the Russian conspiracy theories he says being peddled by CNN and other mainstream news outlets and questions why they never have to admit when they’re flat-out wrong.

“If you think other people may have invented fake stories, at least other people might have a conscience. They’re hiding somewhere,” Jackie says. “CNN; not only do they make it up, but they’re proud of it. They stand there and tell you, ‘We didn’t make it up. Just because you know we’re lying doesn’t mean we have to admit it.'”

“If you’ve got no conscience, you don’t have to admit anything,” he adds.

The whole Russia investigation, Jackie says, is just a result of Democrats still not being able to handle the results of the election nearly eight months later.

“Every single day there’s investigations about what’s his connection with Russia,” he says. “Who in Russia did it and when did it happen? They don’t care, they don’t know. They say it’s definitely true that he was involved with Russia, and Russia defrauded us, and what a fake election it was… and nobody knows when, where or how!”

Jackie says the whole thing has turned into something he’s never seen before. Check out the end of the clip to see what he means.


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