Evan Rachel Wood Triggered After Steve Bannon Claims Actors Are ‘Dumb As Ticks’


Actress Evan Rachel Wood responded to Breitbart News Executive Chairman Steve Bannon’s claim that late-night television hosts and Hollywood stars are dumb “ticks” who’ve politicized everything, writing Thursday that it would be “selfish” for famous artists not to preach politics.

Wood — perhaps most famous for playing a life-like android in a Western-themed adult amusement park — said, “Some people are ‘celebrities’ and some are ‘artists’ They worked their way up from nothing and now they have a backstage pass.”

“With no motives. Not trying to get votes or money. Simply sharing their experience of both sides of the coin,” the West World star wrote in a series of tweets, which included several typos.

“They have everything to lose and nothing to gain by speaking their truth. Do they speak for everyone? No. But they work hard, raise families, pay taxes,” Wood continued. “They are citizens and human beings. If money means you cant have an opinion, then everyone in power step down. Don’t listen to doctors, or lawyers, or universities.”

Bannon blasted left-wing celebrities constantly bashing President Donald Trump and his supporters, in a segment on Thursday’s edition of Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM.

“Andrew [Breitbart] always said, ‘Culture is up-river from politics,’” Bannon said in response to a caller who asked about the influence of entertainment on politics and culture. “Right now as you know, news is kind of everything, even Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert. To drive viewership, the way that Kimmel and Colbert are competing in late-night right now is to make it very political, very anti-Trump.”

“So what we’re doing is exposing them,” Bannon said of Breitbart News. “That’s one of the reasons Big Hollywood is on fire, because all we do is expose the hypocrisy of these morons in the entertainment industry.”

“By the way, you gotta understand something,” Bannon continued. “These actors and actresses; they’re all dumb as ticks. And they’re lazy. They’re like pieces of furniture… That’s why movie attendance is down, people are tired of it. It’s why they’re not watching the National Football League, cutting the cord on ESPN. They’ve politicized everything. And you guys are voting with your feet, which I think is fantastic.”

In her Twitter rant, Wood insisted that artists are simply using their platforms to speak “for those who cannot.”

“We tell stories about people. We study people, emotions, heroes, villains. Empathy is our job. We speak up because we can and it would feel selfish not to,” she concluded.

But what Evan Rachel Wood calls celebrities “speaking their truth” has amounted to a constant barrage of vulgar attacks against the president, his family, and the people who support his political agenda.

From the countless star-studded pro-Hillary Clinton public service announcements during the presidential campaign to Meryl Streep’s anti-Trump speech at the Golden Globes to Michael Moore’s one-man, anti-Trump Broadway show to Hollywood actor-director Rob Reiner’s “Committee to Investigate Russia,” and so on — left-wing celebrities continue to ramp up their political advocacy and personal attacks against President Trump, his wife and children, and his supporters.

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