Natasha Henstridge Details Alleged Brett Ratner Assault, Claims Harvey Weinstein Masturbated in Front of Her


Actress Natasha Henstridge appeared on Megyn Kelly Today on Wednesday and detailed the moment she claims Hollywood super-producer Brett Ratner forced her to perform oral sex on him and her alleged encounter with Harvey Weinstein.

Henstridge came forward, along with five other women, earlier this month, telling the Los Angeles Times that the alleged encounter occurred in the earlier 90s after she woke up alone after a party at Ratner’s New York apartment. Henstridge, a 19-year-old model at the time, told the outlet that when she got up to go “he blocked the doorway with his body and wouldn’t budge. He began touching himself[.]”

“At first I thought he was just coming on strong, and trying to convince me that there was something between us, and that he was trying to be super convincing,” she told Kelly of Ratner. “That was my initial thought until I made more of an effort to sort of get out. That is when I realized he wasn’t playing around anymore. He just got very aggressive.”

The actress explained how she was allegedly forced into giving oral sex: “When you are afraid of someone, when you physically don’t know what someone is capable of, when you are afraid of them, you don’t know what they are capable of doing, and therefore you submit. And I submitted. I did submit.”

Henstridge says she finally was “allowed to leave” and afterward felt “horribly ashamed but also [recalls] feeling dirty, feeling gross, feeling all of those things but also realizing that I had nothing to do with it, I had no say in it. It was a horrible situation.”

Henstridge, who first found Hollywood success in 1995 with Species, is also one of more than 70 women to accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct. She claims their encounter came during a hotel meeting in which the disgraced movie mogul allegedly masturbated in front of her.

“One thing led to another, he got very flirtatious and suddenly it became not about the job he was trying to offer me or put me up for anymore. It became all about flirtation. And he did some terrible things there as well,” Henstridge said of Weinstein. “Came on to me repeatedly and the story goes much deeper but the whole reason that I came out about Brett is because I had this situation with Harvey and everyone was telling me and people knew the story as well, and people were imploring me to come out about it.”

Not knowing what’s allowed to say on live broadcast TV, Henstridge claims Weinstein “pleasured himself.”

“I don’t know what you say on daytime TV, [Weinstein] pleasured himself in front of me. He did all of those things and I was then stuck in a room and he tried to get into the room, he consistently came after me, all of those things. I did manage to avoid an actual physical attack by him.”

Kelly said that the LA Times has spoken with 45 women who alleged sexual misconduct against Ratner, who denies every allegation.

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