Terry Crews Responds to Alleged Groper Adam Venit Returning to WME After Suspension: ‘Somebody Got a Pass’

trinavenit/Instagram/Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Actor Terry Crews expressed disappointment over news that Hollywood talent agent Adam Venit, whom Crews accused of groping him, returned to WME talent agency following a month-long suspension over the alleged encounter.

During an appearance on Good Morning America earlier this month, Crews claimed that Venit, former head of WME’s Motion Picture Group, sexually assaulted him at a Hollywood event last year.

“I’m looking at him and he’s basically staring at me and he’s sticking his tongue out. Just overtly sexual kind of tongue moves. It’s a party, it’s packed, the whole thing,” Crews said. “And I’m looking like, ‘Is this a joke? I don’t understand.’ It was actually so bizarre. And he keeps coming over to me. I stick my hand out and he literally takes his hand and puts it, squeezes my genitals. And I jump back like, ‘Hey, hey!’ … I go, ‘Dude, what are you doing?’”

“And then he comes back again and he just won’t stop. And then I really got forceful, pushed him back, he bumps into all the other partygoers and he starts giggling and laughing,” he continued. “I have never felt more emasculated, more objectified. I was horrified.”

Venit was initially placed on a 30-day unpaid suspension over the alleged incident but has now returned to a demoted role at WME, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Crews reacted to the news on Twitter, arguing that Venit was given a “pass.”

Last week the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star tweeted a photo of an email conversation which purportedly shows entertainment and fashion mogul Russell Simmons asking Crews to give Venit a “pass.”

The 49-year-old star recently filed a police report with the LAPD over the alleged assault and announced plans to file a lawsuit against Venit as well.

Venit, whose clients include the likes of Adam Sandler, Emma Stone, and Dustin Hoffman, is just one of the dozens of powerful Hollywood figures to be accused of sexual misconduct in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

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