U2 Bring the KKK to Trump’s White House in ‘Get Out of Your Own Way’ Video


Irish rockers U2 released a video for their song “Get Out of Your Own Way” which critiques racism and religion, and depicts torch-wielding Ku Klux Klan members marching outside the White House.

The politically charged video was created by members of Broken Fingaz Crew, an Israeli graffiti group.

“The video addresses the current political situation: 2017 for us was the year fascists worldwide felt confident enough to raise their heads again, encouraged by Trump and other world leaders, who use people’s fear to build more walls and segregation,” the group says of the three-minute visual.

“The song is both a personal letter and a clarion cry to the global situation, and in the same way, we’ve combined our psychedelic pop style with political imagery; shot entirely analogue, using paper cut and stop motion animation techniques in collaboration with Adam Albo, who edited the video,” Broken Fingaz Crew said.

U2 frontman Bono cranks out pithy lyrics like “fight back, don’t take it lyin’ down, you got to bite back.” KKK members march in front of the White House as President Donald Trump watches them from an Oval Office window.

The song is the second single from U2’s latest record, Songs of Experience, said which U2 founding guitarist The Edge was delayed because of Trump’s election.

Last September, Bono told Rolling Stone that Trump’s election marked, “for the first time in many years, maybe in our lifetime, the moral arc of the universe, as Dr. King used to call it, was not bending in the direction of fairness, equality and justice for all.”

“The baseness of political debate, the jingoism, the atavistic fervor of Trump’s verbiage reminded us that we were dreaming if we thought evolution applied to consciousness,” the “With or Without You” singer said. “Democracy is a blip in history and it requires a lot of focus and concentration to keep it intact.”

In December Bono blasted Trump, claiming that he’s “a post-truth president leading a post-trust country.”

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