Video – Jackie Mason Shreds Celebrity Anti-Trump Hysteria: Do They ‘Ever Get Tired of Sounding So Stupid?’

In these trying times, Jackie Mason is the Voice of Reason.

In another exclusive clip for Breitbart News, Jackie offers up his own State of the Union, a contemplation of the various reactions to President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address last week, including from celebrities.

As Breitbart previously reported, Hollywood wasn’t particularly thrilled with Trump’s speech.

“They call themselves celebrities. The only thing you can celebrate about them is how sick and low they are,” says Jackie.

Jackie said the Democrats attending the State of the Union looked like they’d been attending a funeral, or in some cases, had even died themselves.

“And listen to what these celebrities said about him. They called him a ‘racist, incompetent, misogynist sack of sh*t.’ Do you believe this? About the president? Sack of sh*t? Who talks like this? I’ll tell you who. Low-lifes and pigs.”

“He might have a bad tone but he’s not a disgusting low-life like they are,” Jackie adds.

“Do these people ever get tired of sounding so stupid? Does Nancy Pelosi ever get up in the morning and say to herself, ‘Let’s see, what the stupidest thing I could say today?'”

Jackie says celebrities and Democrats who constantly attack Trump’s “tone” are just “too stupid to think of anything else” to criticize him for.

“It’s as if you pick a dentist, and you picked him not because he works well with your teeth, because that’s not important. What’s important is that he has a good tone. Meanwhile you lost all your teeth and every time you come in there you can’t find your teeth cause they’re all over the floor… But the tone, that’s what’s perfect.”

Lastly, Jackie explains why he believes the Democrats are more dangerous to the country than the Russians at the center of a special investigation.

“The Russians aren’t doing half as much harm to the country as the Democrats,” he says. “The Democrats are destroying the country, the Russians are only bothering us a little bit.”

Watch Jackie’s latest above.


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