Kanye West Vows to ‘Stand My Ground’ After John Legend Says He ‘Betrayed’ His Fans


Kanye West revealed a private conversation between himself and longtime collaborator and friend John Legend that revealed the rapper explaining that he’s not backing down from supporting President Donald Trump.

Legend, who also criticized West publicly on Twitter, sent a text message to the hip-hop mogul on Thursday telling him how many of West’s fans feel “betrayed” by his support for President Trump, because they know the “harm that Trump’s policies cause, especially to people of color.”

West posted Legend’s text on Twitter, along with his response:


West also posted Legend’s follow-up text:


After calling Legend’s appeal to his fans an attempt to use “fear” to control and manipulate his “free thought,” West proceeded to address Legend’s call for “empathy and context:”

On Wednesday, West tweeted that “the mob” could not make him “not love” Trump. The hip-hop star then asserted that while he doesn’t “agree with everything anyone does,” he will maintain his “right to independent thought:”

That tweet, and others, brought forth a torrent of scorn and criticism from Hollywood elites. Former View co-host Rosie O’Donnell ripped West for his support of independent thought, telling him that President Trump is “a fucking moron” and warning him to “wake from the illusion.”

In response to a tweet where President Trump lauded West for his “signed” Make America Great Again hat, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn called West a “complete freaking lunatic:”

In addition, singer John Legend made what appeared to be references to West’s tweets about President Trump:

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