Kanye West on Donald Trump: ‘Sometimes You Need Some Crazy [Bleep] to Change Something’

Trump, Kanye West
Seth WenigAP

Rap superstar and cultural critic Kanye West praised President Donald Trump for his successes, pointing out that sometimes, people had to be a bit crazy in order to be successful.

“I believe that Kim Jong-Un didn’t believe that Obama was crazy enough to come at him,” West said. “Sometimes you need some crazy [bleep] to change something.”

West appeared impressed by Trump’s ability to bring about moments of peace in North Korea and South Korea. He compared Trump to other geniuses whom people thought were crazy, like Apple’s iPhone creator Steve Jobs.

He cited Albert Einstein’s quote about the definition of insanity being someone doing the same thing while expecting a different result, suggesting that Trump critics should open up to the president.

“So we keep on saying, ‘I hate you, I hate you, F–k you, F–k You, F–k You,’ how are we going to get a different result out of hate? Why don’t we just try love?” he said.

West said that it could be a good thing for him to visit Trump and talk about changes in black communities.

“If we don’t like Trump, we have to talk, because Trump is a human being also,” he said. “And he is in a very powerful position.”

West said that he wore a Trump ‘Make America Great Again’ campaign hat for a variety of reasons, as he was an artist painting on a canvas.

 “People say feel free, but they don’t really want us to feel free,” he said. “I felt a freedom in, first of all, just doing something that everybody tells you not to do.”

West said that he was focusing more attention on freedom of thought, rather than political opinions.

“You can talk to John Legend if you want opinions. I have never been into politics,” he said. “I just love Trump. That’s my boy.

West continued by saying that rappers like Snoop-Dogg were hypocritical in featuring the famous billionaire in their songs but turning against him when he was elected.

“Trump is one of rappers’ favorite people, right?” he said.


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