Country Star Billy Dean Pens ‘Be Best’ Song to Honor Melania Trump


Country music star Billy Dean announced on social media on Thursday that he has penned a song to honor first lady Melania Trump and her “Be Best” platform.

Dean released some of the lyrics to the song on his Facebook page following the news that he had composed the song on Monday night in his hotel room ahead of a performance at the Congressional Club’s First Lady’s Luncheon in Washington, DC, on Tuesday.

The song’s title, “Be Best,” honors Mrs. Trump’s official platform as first lady, which focuses on child wellness, parental responsibility, and honoring organizations that provide programs to help children.

Mrs. Trump, however, missed Dean’s performance because she had surgery for a benign kidney condition on Monday.

“It was an honor to escort my wife Stephanie and my mom, two days before her 89th birthday, to this historical bipartisan gathering of powerful ladies where mom stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the best at the ‘First Lady’s Luncheon,’” Dean said in a press release issued by Nashville Country Club. “We pray for our First Lady’s speedy recovery from surgery.”

Some other notable women who attended the luncheon include second lady Karen Pence, Candy Carson, Marie Louise Gorsuch, Susan Pompeo, and Elaine Chao.

Fellow country star Lee Greenwood performed his hit “God Bless The USA” at the luncheon and Dean also performed his hit songs “You Don’t Count The Cost,” “Let Them Be Little,” and “Only Here For A Little While.”

Here are the lyrics Dean posted:

I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up

But I want to be someone, someone wants to love

I just want to say to every boy and girl

Something you can do to change the world

Be best, be brave and kind

Be best, keep an open mind

Always take the high road every time

Be best have the biggest heart

Be best be who you are

To all of those different from the rest, be best

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