Masters of the Universe: Netflix’s ‘BoJack Horseman’ Gets Cable Syndication Deal


Comedy Central announced Thursday its decision to syndicate previously-aired episodes of Netflix’s hit animated comedy series BoJack Horseman.

“Comedy Central has a long history of using potent satire to help make sense of trying times, so ‘BoJack Horseman’ is a perfect fit in our lineup,” said Tanya Giles, general manager of Comedy Central, at the time. “We’re thrilled to be the first to put ‘BoJack’ on linear TV, and who better than an animated horse to teach us a thing or two about humanity? Straight from the horse’s mouth.”

The Raphael Bob-Waksberg-created show about a depressed former Hollywood star has been lauded for its biting social commentary, deep emotional undertones, and acerbic wit. It is less surprising that another channel wants to acquire the old episodes or that Netflix is willing to allow one of their products off the platform they are using to try and replace traditional television.

But the move is not altogether unprecedented: In 2016, Netflix partnered with Univision to air both Narcos and Club de Cuervos — a clear sign of Netflix’s ambition to expand its influence into traditional television markets.
BoJack Horseman will debut on Comedy Central at 10:30 p.m. PDT on September 26, directly after the premiere of South Park‘s 22nd season. BoJack‘s fifth season will arrive on Netflix on September 14.


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