Latinas for Trump Founder Defends President’s Walk of Fame Star at West Hollywood City Council

The Hollywood Walk of Fame Star of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is surro

Ingrid Mueller, the founder of “Latinas for Trump,” withstood hecklers and constant interruptions at a meeting of the West Hollywood City Council Monday evening as she opposed the removal of President Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The city’s council voted unanimously to remove Trump’s star due to his “disturbing treatment of women and other actions.” The city has no power over the Walk of Fame, which is controlled by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. Trump’s star is a frequent target for vandalism.

(The stars of disgraced Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, and Kevin Spacey remain on the Walk of Fame.)

“I’m absolutely very upset and disappointed in the community that they want to take away Donald Trump’s star,” Mueller said before the council cast their votes. “I find that appalling. It is terrible,” to which a handful of members in the audience started applauding.

Mueller is also the coalition leader for Mexicans and Women for Make California Great Again.

When Mueller said, “He’s the president of the United States and he’s doing a great job,” a woman broke out in laughter. “The economy is doing well,” Mueller continued, to which the same woman laughed with a “Ha!” and a man could be heard shouting “Boo!”.

“That’s your president,” another woman said.

Mueller continued her floor speech despite constant interruptions.

“Please leave the star alone. He earned it, he deserved it,” she said, to a mixture of applause and interrupting hecklers.

“To destroy his star is disgusting. Very rude. When [President Barack] Obama was in office, I didn’t particularly care for him, but I respected him. I respected him,” Ingrid said. “And I would have never, ever done anything to be disrespectful to him.”

One man wearing a hat in the front row who continuously interrupted Ingrid was approached by a security officer who pointed his finger at him and said “Quiet!”

West Hollywood Mayor Pro Tem John D’Amico said in a statement, after the resolution to remove Trump’s star was passed, “The West Hollywood City Council did not pass the resolution because Donald Trump is a conservative or a Republican. Earning a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is an honor. When one belittles and attacks minorities, immigrants, people with disabilities or women — the honor no longer exists.”

In her floor speech Monday evening, Mueller continued to speak about the homeless woman who protected Trump’s star in 2016 after it was destroyed. “And there was a very fine homeless black lady that was protecting the star, and then some illegal aliens came over and beat her up. And President Trump ended up giving her money and helping this lady.” Trump did, in fact, help the homeless woman, who was later identified as Denise Scott.

In her closing remarks, Mueller said, “I am speaking here on behalf of many Trump supporters. I’m an Mexican for Trump and I love President Trump. And there’s lots of Trump supporters coming out to Make California Great Again… thank you very much and God bless.”

Harim Uzziel, who is a member of “Latinos for Trump,” told Breitbart News he was present at the West Hollywood City Council meeting. “My sister was there along with several other patriots,” Uzziel said. “I’ve been around since the beginning. Since Trump announced that he was running for president,” he said.

Speaking with Breitbart News on Tuesday, Mueller said she was “appalled” and “disgusted” that the city would support the removal of Trump’s star.

Asked to react to the fact that the stars of Cosby, Weinstein, and Spacey are still on the Walk of Fame, Mueller said, “It is just part of the shocking reality. Anyone who is a liberal, anyone who s against Trump is fine. These pedophiles, these woman abusers to leave their stars there is outrageous. It’s disgusting and its very biased.”

Earlier this year, West Hollywood gave a symbolic key to the city to Trump critic (and alleged paramour) Stormy Daniels.

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