John Leguizamo Calls on Advertisers to Boycott Laura Ingraham

Mike Coppola, John Moore/Getty Images

Actor and comedian John Leguizamo called on sponsors to boycott Laura Ingraham’s primetime Fox News show The Ingraham Angle because of what he describes as her “racist” and “xenophobic” views.

Leguizamo, who in 2012 said that Latino Republicans “are like roaches for raid,” made the call for an Ingraham advertiser boycott after retweeting a poll shared by Pew Research senior researcher Laura Silver that found that a majority of Americans and Western Europeans believe immigrants are “more beneficial to their economies than they are burdensome.”

“Learn a fact or true racist xenophobic @IngrahamAngle hope sponsors know we will not stop the boycott till she is off the air!” the 54-year-old Leguizamo wrote, before tagging a number of Ingraham’s advertisers.

In calling for an advertiser boycott of Ingraham’s show Leguizamo joins a long line of left-wing activists attempting to force the conservative host off the air. Just this week, A-list Hollywood director Judd Apatow also demanded sponsors boycott Ingraham’s show, accusing her of supporting racism and white nationalism.

“She is a liar. We know what she believes,” Apatow wrote on Twitter after Ingraham denied such accusations. “She was very clear. Boycott her sponsors.”

Anti-gun campaigner David Hogg also launched an intense pressure campaign targeting The Ingraham Angle’s sponsors after Ingraham tweeted that Hogg “whines” about his rejection from four colleges, comments for which she later apologized.

The targeting of advertisers on social media has become a popular method of resistance for left-wing activists, with online groups such as Sleeping Giants and Stop Funding Hate harassing companies to cancel their advertising space on sites such as Breitbart News, The Rebel, and MailOnline.

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