Chelsea Handler Warns Media: ‘Stop Airing Trump’s Rallies’

Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for Politicon

Far-left comedienne Chelsea Handler has ordered the media to stop airing President Donald Trump’s rallies, warning they are inciting the sort of “violence and hatred” that led to numerous bomb threats being sent to leading Democratic Party figures.

In a Twitter post addressed to CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News in the wake of the multiple bomb threats leveled at Democrats and prominent left-wing figures, Chelsea Handler argued that Trump’s rallies were not newsworthy enough to air.

“It is the responsibility of all our news groups to stop airing Trump’s rallies,” Handler wrote. “These rallies are not news. They are inciting violence and hatred and have nothing to do with the truth or politics. Please take some responsibility and stop airing them.”

In a later post, she falsely claimed that Republicans had failed to denounce the bomb threats, adding that those who support Donald Trump are endorsing a form of violence.

“The silence from Republicans today speaks volumes about how they intend to protect the American people. They will come for you, too,” she continued. “They will rip apart our healthcare, rip apart families, and continue to lie, at any cost. To support a president who espouses violence is deadly.”

It is not the first time that the former Netflix star, whose talk show Chelsea was canceled last year due to poor ratings, has urged major companies to de-platform Trump in a bid to hurt his presidency. In July, she pleaded with Twitter to shut down Donald Trump’s Twitter account on the grounds that he was threatening other countries.

“Can @Twitter just remove Trump’s account, already? No leader of any country should be tweeting threats to people and other countries,” she wrote on the time. “That would actually force him to talk more and explain policies and answer questions on tape, and we all know how that goes.”

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