Hollywood Celebrates Michael Cohen Guilty Plea: ‘Delicious’ ‘Get Your Families Cells Ready’

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Hollywood celebrities couldn’t resist celebrating and mocking the guilty plea from Michael Cohen Thursday, with some fantasizing about President Trump and his family going to jail.

President Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen reportedly plans to plead guilty for lying to Congress about building a Trump Tower in Moscow, Russia. Cohen also reportedly gave 70 hours of testimony to special counsel Robert Mueller.

Hollywood exploded with fantasies of President Trump and his family members going to prison.

“Wouldn’t it be great to release all the people of color in prison who are serving long-term sentences for pot- in exchange 4 the whole Trunp family and their Repub counterparts who knew and did nothing? Get that prison reform, Kushner! Get your families cells ready. #prisonparty” comedian Chelsea Handler said.

“I don’t worry myself w Russia probe etc (I’m more of a brutally plow Democrats leftward with extreme prejudice person) but yes fantasy football is fun so I would most like mike pence and ivanka to go to prison,” actor Rob Delaney said.

Kathy Griffin called the news “delicious” and warned Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump with an ominous “Tick-tock.”

Alec Baldwin, meanwhile, decided not to fantasize about sending Trump to jail and settles on just fantasizing about him resigning.

“Retweet if you think Trump should spare us the expense and time and simply resign now,” the actor and faux Trump said.

“This story today could be huge – he knows where all the bodies are buried. And by that I mean he may have actually buried some bodies,” Bill Maher said.

Check out all the Hollywood hate:


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