Agency that Made Gillette’s Woke, Anti-Man Ad Filled with Radical Feminists, Anti-Trumpers

Gillette ad against "boys being boys" and "toxic masculinity"

The director who created the man-scolding ad for Gillette razors that riled the world has a long history of hardcore, left-wing activism and her boss is a virulent hater of President Donald Trump.

The Gillette ad, entitled, “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be,” is on the verge of breaking into Youtube’s most disliked list with well over 800,000 dislikes to its 400,000 likes.

According to Breitbart Tech, the most disliked YouTube video of all time is YouTube Rewind 2018 (15 million dislikes). But, the 50th most disliked video is one titled “Roast Yourself Challenge,” by Kenia Os, which has 900,000 dislikes. And the Gillette ad is quickly zeroing in on this record.

The video ad has become notorious as a prime example of PCism gone wild as it seems to demean and attack every male customer Gillette has.

But while supporters say it is only attempting to show men how to “be better” and has nothing to do with being politically correct, the director of the video, Australian Kim Gehrig, has a well-established record of left-wing activism, according to the Daily Mail.

One ad Gehrig has produced in the past, for instance, was for Sport England and is set to a poem by liberal activist Maya Angelou. The sports ad takes aim at people who criticize the female body image.

In another case, an Uber ad Gehrig helmed features a strong, empowered woman, and her dopy male date who can’t dance.

Another ad for an Australian lingerie brand also takes on female body image by showing women without the ideal body tearing off ill-fitting bras.

Gehrig noted that her lingerie ad was made to tell women not to worry about “the male gaze” but is instead was about “finally doing what is right” for women.

The director also produced a film that attacked Australian men as steroid-soaked he-men who had a warped view of manhood.

Gehrig is a principal at a production company that specializes in woke imagery. The Somesuch agency is headed by founder Sally Campbell, an outspoken women’s rights advocate and a severe anti-Trumper.

Of her agency, Campbell has said, “Somesuch gives a f*** about ideas. It gives a f*** about craft. And in an industry notoriously known for giving male talent the choice opportunities, it continues to give a huge f*** that all its directors get a fair shot at doing a standout piece of work.”

Campbell is a big supporter of the Women’s March and a detractor of Donald Trump, according to tweets found by the Mail.

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