Bette Midler Warns Pro-Abortion Fans After SOTU: ‘Buy Stock in Coat Hangers’

NEW YORK - OCTOBER 24: Bette Midler performs live on the Today Show in Rockefeller Plaza o
Brad Barket/Getty Images

Far-left celebrity Bette Midler warned her followers that women needing abortions would be going “back to the back alleys” during President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech Tuesday.

“Buy stock in coat hangers! Here we go, 60 years, back to the back alleys!” Bette Midler said in a social media post Tuesday.

Midler sent a number of tweets about the State of the Union address Tuesday.

“How’d he get from childhood cancer to school choice? What a leap! Now Ivanka gets her shoutout…now we’re on to abortion…who wrote this stuff??” she complained.

While not thinking about the deaths of fetuses, the Hocus Pocus actress uses her social media to fantasize about the deaths of President Trump and his family.

“Trump Trump Trump  Bob Mueller’s marching, Trump Trump Trump, And here is why, Trump Trump Trump, He’s gonna hang you, Hang the fam’ly, GOOD AND HIGH!” she said in a later-deleted social media post in November.

The 73-year-old then openly predicted the funeral of Trump in December, saying in a social media post, “Commenters point out that no one will be able to eulogize in the way they have and , both Americans of long service and dignity.”

“Can you imagine the that would gather at ’s memorial?!? What could they say? You tell me!”


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