Hulu Series ‘Shrill’ Collaborates with Planned Parenthood: Getting an Abortion Makes You Feel ‘Really Good’ and ‘F*cking Powerful’


In an episode from the Hulu series “Shrill,” the main character Annie has an abortion and later declares that her decision made her feel “really, really good.”

As first reported by MRC’s Newsbusters, the new Hulu series is about an “overweight journalist” named Annie, played by Aidy Bryant, known for her role on Saturday Night Live.

In the episode, Annie has unprotected sex with a man she’s been seeing, and takes a morning after pill. However, the pill fails because of how overweight she is, leaving her pregnant.

She eventually decides to get an abortion, which is quick and painless. Planned Parenthood actually worked with the show to “[depict] sexual reproductive health care accurately.”

Finally, after Annie rests post-abortion, she tells her roommate that she now feels “really, really good” and “very fucking powerful.”

Hulu has featured a number of shows with political messages over the last few years.

The growing streaming service picked up Sarah Silverman’s commentary show I Love You, America, which featured plenty of political posturing, such as when Silverman compared President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler in October. I Love You, America was later cancelled after only 21 episodes.

Hulu is also home to the series Handmaid’s Tale, which depicts a society where women are sexually subservient to men. The show has become a hit with the Resistance crowd on the left, many of whom think the world of Handmaid’s Tale — adapted for TV and based on the best-selling novel by Margaret Atwood — is comparable to Trump’s America.

During the Super Bowl, Handmaid’s Tale ran an advertisement that used Ronald Reagan’s famous “Morning in America” speech to paint a dystopian picture of America.


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