Rob Reiner Rejects Total Exoneration: ‘Trust Your Eyes’

Reiner 2
Rob Kim /Stringer/Getty Images

Left-wing Hollywood director Rob Reiner has thrown in with those who believe U.S. Attorney General William Barr is attempting to “gas light” the American people after releasing the summary of the Mueller report, which concluded that President Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign did not “collude” with Russia.


Reiner, who spent years telling his Twitter followers that the report by special counsel Robert Mueller would prove to be the noose that would hang president Trump, is now saying that the summary of Mueller’s 400-page report delivered by U.S. Attorney General William Barr is a false presentation of Mueller’s findings. Reiner also hinted to his followers that Barr’s summary meant to mislead America into believing that President Donald Trump is innocent of the charges the left has hurled at him for over two years.

“Autocracy 101: Continually lie and tell you not to believe what you see with your own eyes,” Reiner blathered. “Trump, with the protection of cult GOP, FOX, & AG Barr, is in full gas light mode. We’ve seen Collusion & Obstruction in plain sight. Reality is reality. Truth is truth. Trust Your Eyes.”

But what Rob Reiner ignored with his attack on the integrity of Barr’s report is that Robert Mueller has been involved with Barr’s efforts to write a summary and to redact the full report for public release. So, if Barr was lying about Mueller’s report, how could Mueller be silent about an attempted gaslighting?

More likely, Barr’s work is a reflection of Mueller’s full report.

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