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Rob Reiner

Coulter: Okay, Let’s Talk About Charlottesville

Life is so good for the fabulous people on the coasts — the only group the Democratic Party really cares about –– that they can afford to devote themselves to crazy fantasies that make them feel morally superior to other people. 


Rob Reiner Rejects Total Exoneration: ‘Trust Your Eyes’

Left-wing Hollywood director Rob Reiner has thrown in with those who believe U.S. Attorney General William Barr is attempting to “gas light” the American people after releasing the summary of the Mueller report, which concluded that President Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign did not “collude” with Russia.

Reiner 2

Flashback: 50 Hollywood Stars Who Accused Trump of Treason, Collusion with Russia

Left-wing Hollywood stars have spent the past two years spreading wild conspiracy theories about President Donald Trump and Russian “collusion,” with a slew of celebrities calling him a “traitor,” a “puppet,” a “thug,” a “urine-lapper” for Putin and predicting that he will be “in chains” soon.

AP/Getty Images

17 Most Epic Hollywood Meltdowns of 2018 from Kavanaugh to Caravans

It was a long year for Hollywood celebrities, who marked another year with meltdown after meltdown, losing their wits over everything from the nomination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the migrant caravans of illegal aliens pouring into the U.S.


Rob Reiner: Donald Trump ‘Must Be Indicted’

Hollywood film director and left-wing activist Rob Reiner on Monday referred to President Donald Trump as a “criminal” who “must be indicted” for committing felonies.

Rob Reiner participates in the BUILD Speaker Series to discuss the film "LBJ" at AOL Studios on Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2017, in New York. (Photo by Andy Kropa/Invision/AP)