Pete Buttigieg Follows Obama and Mitt Romney By Slow Jamming the News with Jimmy Fallon


Mayor Pete Buttigieg slow jammed the news with late-night funnyman Jimmy Fallon on Monday night, following previous political stars of the segment Gov. Jeb Bush, Gov. Mitt Romney, and President Barack Obama.

Pete Buttigieg emphasizes his nerdiness in the segment, dutifully reciting his campaign message while Fallon’s band plays sultry jazz in the background.

“Court is in sessions and the honorable Booty-Judge is presiding, all rise if you haven’t already risen,” Fallon crooned after Buttigieg said he wanted to eliminate the electoral college by taking it to court.

“While we’re getting all Bootygiggy with it, I gotta ask, is it true that you hooked up with Fox News?” Fallon asked. “Because some might say that makes you a naughty boy.”

The 2020 White House hopeful said he was proud to be the first Democrat candidate to appear on Fox News Sunday because he wanted Democrats and Republicans to join his campaign.

Buttigieg also said he had more government experience than President Trump and more executive experience than the Vice President.

“If they ever want advice I’m sure their interns can show them how to DM me,” he smirked.


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