Netflix Series ‘Mr. Iglesias’ Bashes Conservatives, Compares Gorbachev’s Wall to Trump’s


Last week, Netflix debuted its newest comedy series Mr. Iglesias, starring comedian Gabriel Iglesias as high school history teacher Gabe. The teen-oriented show is merely the latest program on the streamer to constantly bash President Donald Trump, Republicans, and conservatives.

The Netflix series begins with Gabe being dressed-down by his principal for his students failing to achieve high test numbers. So, Gabe offers to help the kids over the summer to improve their test scores.

In one episode Gabe says, “We got five minutes to go over all of American history.”

To which one student replies, “Wiped out the indigenous people, oppressed the blacks, did some good stuff around World War II, and now the sun is setting on our empire.”

“I guess we covered it all,” Gabe replied.

By episode two, the show sees attacks on President Trump. In one scene, student Mikey Gutierrez (Fabrizio Zacharee Guido) is taking an oral exam in front of assistant principal, Carlos Hernandez (Oscar Nunez), with a recitation of President Abe Lincoln’s second inaugural address.

When he finishes the recitation, the principal dismissively notes that the teen deserves a score of 70 because all he did was “rote memorization.” But the teen gets fired up and adds that when Lincoln was young, he once said, “Someday, I shall be president.”

At that brash display, the principal leaned over to a teacher and said of the teen, “Dear God, I hope he doesn’t want to be president.”

That line set up the show’s first attack on Trump with the teacher’s snarky reply, “He’d be a big improvement.”

Later in the series, the show attacks the topic of Donald Trump’s border wall agenda.

During a segment where Gabe is talking about President Ronald Reagan’s iconic “tear down this wall” speech, the show equates the wall built by the Soviet Union to imprison East Germans to America’s border wall meant to keep out lawbreaking illegal aliens, drug dealers, human traffickers, and criminals.

Quizzing his students, Gabe says, “Mikey finish this Ronald Reagan Quote: ‘Mr. Gorbachev…'” To which the student properly replies, “Tear down this wall!”

But the Hispanic student quickly adds, “Man, it feels good to say that.” Then a second student snidely interjects, “Imagine that, a Republican president who thought walls were a bad idea. Not just history, ancient history.”

Video via NewsBusters:

Of course, it is a history fail all around. The wall in Germany was created to turn East Germany into a prison. America’s border wall is meant to preserve freedom and national sovereignty. There is no comparison between the two historical situations.

That is not all. The series also contained a long list of attacks on so-called “white privilege,” and PC terminology is littered throughout the show. But for Netflix, this is par for the course.

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