Hollywood Pans Democrat Debate: Old Guard Politicians Won’t Work If You Want Your Children to Live

NEW YORK - JUNE 18: Singer/songwriter David Crosby on stage during the 40th Annual Songwri
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While there was the usual cheerleading for one-liners and well-timed attacks, Hollywood declared the career politicians on stage for night two of CNN’s Democratic presidential debate dead on arrival.

“I don’t think the old guard politicians are capable of the work that is going to be necessary if YOU WANT YOUR CHILDREN TO LIVE …” said rock legend David Crosby.

Indeed, night two of the Democrat’s second debate saw several such “old guard” bureaucrats targeting Joe Biden over his and Barack Obama’s record.

“For a party who’s biggest star, savior and hero is Obama they sure were quick to dump Obamacare,” HBO’s Bill Maher said.

“DYING to know who Obama will endorse. Could be AWKWAAARD,” actress-comedian Sarah Silverman said.

Actor George Takei appeared to fantasize about a future debate in which younger candidates keep the audience focused on the issues.

“Who is ready to hear Warren and Sanders on the same stage as Biden and Harris? With e.g. Booker, Castro and Buttigieg there to keep us focused on our better natures? Let’s watch that.”

Biden, who committed one gaffe after another, appeared to be the butt of several jokes.

Seth MacFarlane lambasted the entire Democrat debate format, saying “These debates really are Twitter: Too many voices, limited space to communicate, and moderators who’ve been thrust into a regulatory position they’re ill-equipped to manage.”

Check out all the latest reaction from the Hollywood left below.

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