‘Young Sheldon’ Star Iain Armitage Upset He Was Too Young to Be Arrested at Jane Fonda’s Climate Protest

Actress and activist Jane Fonda holds the microphone for Iain Armitage an 11-year-old actor, during the "Fire Drill Fridays" rally, calling on Congress for action to address climate change, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Friday, Nov. 29, 2019. A half-century after throwing her attention-getting celebrity status into Vietnam War protests, …
AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

Leftist actress Jane Fonda praised the 11-year-old star of CBS’s Young Sheldon who she said was upset that he was too young to be arrested at a recent climate change protest in Washington, D.C.

The 81-year-old actress, often derided as “Hanoi Jane” for her 1960s era support of communist North Vietnam, has been spending her Fridays of late attending climate change protests in Washington D.C. and trying to get arrested to force media coverage of her activism.

Fonda’s enthusiasm for incarceration seems to have infected 11-year-old actor Iain Armitage.

Young Armitage lamented his age being the reason he couldn’t get arrested while protesting in D.C.

Jane Fonda also praised the child actor for his dedication to the left-wing cause.

“Young Iain Armitage, who’s the star of Young Sheldon, he’s 11 years old, he was so mad that he was too young to get arrested,” Fonda gushed in an interview.

Armitage thanked Fonda during his speech to the climate change activists last week saying that Fonda was a “strong example for kids like me.”

Other celebrities have flocked to D.C. to join Fonda’s protests, including Sam Waterston, Diana Lane, and Ted Danson.

The Grace & Frankie star joined the climate change group calling itself Oil Change International. “I will be on the Capitol every Friday, rain or shine, inspired and emboldened by the incredible movement our youth have created,” Fonda wrote on in October.

“I can no longer stand by and let our elected officials ignore — and even worse — empower — the industries that are destroying our planet for profit. We cannot continue to stand for this,” Fonda added.

Jane Fonda has been detained several times already for her climate change protests.

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