Bette Midler Urgres ‘Regrexit’ Movement for Conservatives to Leave GOP ‘Flock’

NEW YORK - OCTOBER 24: Bette Midler performs live on the Today Show in Rockefeller Plaza on October 24, 2005 in New York City. (Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images)
Brad Barket/Getty Images

Left-wing actress Bette Midler appeared to smear Republican voters as “bigots” while promoting the social media hashtag “#Regrexit,” urging supporters of President Donald Trump to abandon the Republican Party.

“#RepublicanRegretters! Your hearts must be sore indeed to realize how low you have fallen, under the spell of the DTs!!” Bette Midler said in a series of tweets. “Do yourself and your country a favor and #REGREXIT the #GOP!!  Join TrueBlue, and remember the #REALYOU!”

“Wow! Hate what’s happened to the beloved Party of Lincoln!” the Broadway star continued. “Afraid to tell the bigots you know? Feeling you are alone? It’s not hard! Just give the flock a small, rueful wave buh-bye, pick up your ethics, morals, values, traditions,&  #FLEE!! #yourebeingfleecedbyTRUMP.”

It’s not clear what inspired Midler’s concern for supporters of the president, given that she’s gone so far as to call black Trump supporters paid props.

But when the First Wives Club star isn’t fantasizing about President Trump’s death or his family members dying violently, she’s encouraging a “blue wave” to oust the president, as she did in November during the elections in several key state battles.

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