Mia Farrow to Trump: The WHO Deserves Our Wholehearted Support

US actress Mia Farrow delivers a pess conference during a visit to an Amazonic area affected by pollution created by US oil company Chevron, in Lago Agrio, Aguarico, Ecuador, on January 28, 2014. AFP PHOTO/JUAN CEVALLOS (Photo credit should read JUAN CEVALLOS/AFP/Getty Images)

Actress Mia Farrow insisted on Thursday that the World Health Organization (WHO) is “essential” and deserves “wholehearted” financial support from the United States, despite the agency previously promoting the false Chinese claim that there is “no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission” of the coronavirus.

Farrow shared her sentiments in a response to a tweet from President Donald Trump, which stated, “The W.H.O. really blew it. For some reason, funded largely by the United States, yet very China centric. We will be giving that a good look.”

“Fortunately I rejected their advice on keeping our borders open to China early on. Why did they give us such a faulty recommendation?” the president added.

“The WHO is essential- deserving of our whole-hearted support,” responded the Reckless actress.

The WHO promulgated a false Chinese claim in January, insisting that authorities in China determined that there is “no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission” of the Wuhan coronavirus.

“Preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel #coronavirus (2019-nCoV) identified in #Wuhan, #China,” tweeted the organization on January 14.

The organization also insisted this week that healthy people should not be wearing protective masks, despite the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advising all Americans wear masks during the Wuhan virus pandemic.

Last week, Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) called on congress to investigate the World Health Organization’s role in helping China conceal the threat of the coronavirus.

“The mission of the W.H.O. is to get public health information to the world so every country can make the best decisions to keep their citizens safe,” said Scott. “When it comes to coronavirus, the W.H.O. failed.”

“They need to be held accountable for their role in promoting misinformation and helping Communist China cover up a global pandemic,” he added. “We know Communist China is lying about how many cases and deaths they have, what they knew and when they knew it – and the WHO never bothered to investigate further. Their inaction cost lives.”

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