How Hollywood Celebrated Earth Day: Tree Hugging, Mourning ‘Mama’, Trump-Bashing


The leftist, millionaire Hollywood elite took to their social media accounts to celebrate Earth Day on Wednesday, with some posting actually tree-hugging photos. Alyssa Milano used the Chinese coronavirus to push green energy policies, while others honored and gave thanks to “Mama” earth.

Actor Robert Downey Jr. announced the launch of a website for his climate change project.

“In honor of EARTH DAY, and in tandem with @ProbablyPaigey’s (FPC North Carolina Ambassador’s) 18th BDAY…The as-promised Footprint Coalition official website launch,” tweeted Downey Jr.

Last year, the actor revealed his plan to launch a new initiative that he said would confront climate change.

“Between robotics and nanotechnology, we could clean up the planet significantly, if not totally, in 10 years,” Downey Jr. had said of his new project. “God, I love experts. They’re like Wikipedia with character defects.”

Actress Kerry Washington shared an old photo of herself… well, hugging a tree.

And here we have more tree-hugging from actor Jared Leto.

Sitting in sand, Wonder Women star Gal Gadot says “this #earthday feels louder and clearer than ever as we face this worldwide challenge.” What a relief.

Actor Rainn Wilson — best known for his role as Dwight Schrute on NBC’s The Office — shared a photo of the earth on his Instagram page, commenting, “Today we celebrate Earth Day. We protest. We worry. We mourn. Our Big Blue Marble is in a severe crisis that is man-made.”

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The Big Blue Marble. The most iconic photograph in human history. Taken in 1972 by the Apollo 17 crew with a 70mm Hasselblad camera pointed out the tiny window of the spacecraft. It was the first photograph of the wholly illumined planet earth. You need to be 20,000 miles above earth, with the sun behind you to achieve this image. Today we celebrate Earth Day. We protest. We worry. We mourn. Our Big Blue Marble is in a severe crisis that is man-made. This is irrefutably (despite what some in the anti-science set might say) backed up by research and becomes clearer with every passing year. It has been our rapacious burning of coal and oil (CO2), our decimating of forests and draining of wetlands and our replacing actual jungles with concrete jungles that has brought us to this point. So what do we do? We protest. We worry. We mourn. We pray. AND WE ACT! VOTE for candidates that support science. (The current Environmental Protection Agency has been gutted, protections destroyed, in favor of unchecked corporate pollution.) VOTE for and support candidates that prioritize the health of our one, beautiful, irreplaceable planet over greed. We reduce our carbon footprint. We drive less and bicycle more. We become conscious consumers. We plant trees. We stop eating beef. Like generations of hippies have said, we "reduce, reuse and recycle." We unrelentingly pressure companies with our dollars and our voices to make cleaner, more environmentally conscious choices. We LOVE OUR PLANET. Deeply. With all of our hearts. When this photograph was released it changed the way we saw ourselves and our planet. It was revolutionary. Look! There’s no borders! There are only swirling clouds and deep blue oceans and forests and deserts and mountains. All inhabited by ONE SPECIES, regardless of our skin color, our beliefs, our histories, our culture or customs. “The earth is but one country and mankind its citizens.” – Baha’u'llah Folks, Earth Day should be 364 days a year (with only one day left over for polluting.) But for today? We celebrate our mother.

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“So what do we do?” added Wilson. “We protest. We worry. We mourn. We pray. AND WE ACT! VOTE for candidates that support science.”

Wilson’s former co-star, actress Mindy Kaling — best known for her role as Kelly Kapoor on The Office — also posted a photo in honor of Earth Day, showing herself hanging from a tree.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden celebrity endorser and left-wing actress Alyssa Milano celebrated Earth Day by posting a video to her Twitter account, in which she bizarrely tied the deadly Chinese coronavirus to global warming.

“We need a more just world and we need it now,” said Milano in the video. “This is our chance to come together to build a society that is equitable, renewable, and sustainable as we work to flatten the curve of this pandemic.”

“We need to hold our leaders accountable,” added the Buying the Cow actress. “And we need leaders who understand that the communities most vulnerable to the global COVID-19 pandemic are also the communities most affected by fossil fuel pollution and the climate crisis.”

Grammy-winning singer Alicia Keys tweeted a photo of herself appearing to do yoga, along with the lyrics to Long Time Sun by Snatam Kaur.

“May the long time sun shine upon you⁣ — All love surround you⁣ — And the pure light within you⁣ — Guide your way on⁣,” tweeted the singer.

“Mama needs all of our love and she’s making sure we slow down and pay attention,” added Keys. “Let’s take care of each other and our home.”

“Happy Earth Day everyone,” tweeted musician Paul McCartney. “Let’s take care of this beautiful place.”

“It’s the 50th anniversary of #EarthDay,” tweeted Ellen DeGeneres. “You don’t look a day over 49.”

Actress Amber Tamblyn posted an ominous poem that she wrote for Earth Day.

“For Earth, I have spent my life in an ego’s error, blundering on the side of a selfish existence,” wrote Tamblyn. “I have let her down, while taking for granted the exhales of her trees; easy air for my lucky lungs, so what?”

“I tell myself, I’m swamped, reveling in the pride of my own pulse to feel the sluggish haul of her disappearing streams, to watch the slow cracking open of the arctic’s skull, to worship the withering breadth of her slipping ice,” she added.

“Pay attention. Pay attention or pay the price,” affirmed the actress in her poem. “Our future, our Earth, our time here depends on it.

Actor Billy Baldwin used Earth Day as an excuse to rip President Donald Trump and promote a socialist agenda.

“In 2016… 18-25 year old voters had the lowest voter turnout,” tweeted Baldwin. “Trump is the environmental antichrist so if you want transformative change like 100% renewable energy and the Green New Deal… you better get your asses to the polls in 2020.”

Meanwhile, Disney movie star Josh Gad shared a bizarre GIF of what appeared to be a knitted earth blowing out the candles of a knit cake.

“Happy [Earth Day],” tweeted the actor. “We only have one home planet. Let’s protect it.”

Actress Minnie Driver posted photos of herself enjoying some of her “three favourite places on Earth.”

“I’ve never wanted to protect them more than now,” she added.

Actress Elisabeth Banks celebrated Earth Day by tweeting a photo of a dinosaur drawer by her young son.

“This #EarthDay my family got into #NatGeoEarthDayAtHome by talking about Earth’s amazing history and her secrets, so many of which are still unshared,” said Banks. “#dinosaur by Felix. Click the link to join us in celebrating Mother Earth.”

Actress Lupita Nyong’o shared a photo on her Instagram account of a cartoon character putting a BAND-AID on the Earth, along with an environmental quote by Wangari Maathai, Kenyan environmentalist and Nobel Peace Prize Winner.

“It’s the little things citizens do. That’s what will make the difference. My little thing is planting trees,” the quote read.

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