BBC to Lay Off 450 People After Pledging $124,000,000 for ‘Diverse’ Content to Appease BLM

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - DECEMBER 06: (EDITORS NOTE: Image has been reviewed by RT prior to transmission.) News Anchor Eunan O'Neill reports on the Black Lives Matter movement on set of RT International on December 6, 2019 in Moscow, Russia. RT, formerly known as Russia Today, is a state-funded TV network …
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The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has announced plans to layoff 450 people across its English workforce as part of a wider cost-cutting effort, just days after pledging to spend $124 million on “diverse” content aimed at appeasing the far-left Black Lives Matter movement.

The corporation, which is funded by the British taxpayer through a license fee, needs to save £925M ($1.2B) by March 2022 over the next nine months as a result of a fall in revenue caused by the coronavirus and the financial constraints of a license fee deal it agreed to in 2015.

All 450 layoff will target people working for BBC England, equating to around 15 percent of their 3,000 member workforce. Those impacted will include employees from their TV, radio, and online departments. The latest round of job cuts is in addition to the 150 redundancies announced last week in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland last week, as well as the 450 layoffs across its news division.

BBC England director Helen Thomas insisted the changes were also part of a modernizing program and a response to the ongoing Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

“We’ll take forward lessons from COVID-19 that will make us more agile and more in touch with communities while also ensuring we’re as efficient as we can be,” Thomas said. “I’m confident we can evolve our local and regional services while improving our impact and better serving our audiences.”

Having once been the envy of the world in producing impartial, news, television, and other forms of entertainment, the BBC has in recent years more closely resembled a state-funded propaganda outlet for the progressive left. Despite the latest round of job cuts, the organization recently announced plans to pump £100 ($125) million into producing “diverse and inclusive content” in response to the Black Lives Matter movement sweeping Britain, America, and other parts of the world.

However, the BBC has been forced to somewhat backtrack on its support for Black Lives Matter over the past week as their Marxist and anarchistic aims have become increasingly apparent. On Wednesday, BBC executives told employees, presenters, and guests not to wear Black Lives Matter badges on camera, claiming the movement had been “hijacked” by political extremists.

In reality, the organization has never made any secret of its hardline Marxist worldview dating back to its inception in 2013. Some of their principal aims include overthrowing capitalism, defunding the police, and vehemently opposing the Israeli state.

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