John Cusack: Trump’s Only Hope to Hold Power Is Massive Escalation of ‘Fasiscm’ [Sic]

Intrepid Pictures via IMDB
Intrepid Pictures via IMDB

Wild-eyed, left-wing actor John Cusack is at it again, this time with a misspelled Twitter screed declaring that President Donald Trump is escalating “fasiscm” in America.

In a tweet featuring a video of armed, camo-wearing federal agents in Portland, John Cusack went on a tirade against Trump, his “secret police,” and his “occupying army.”

Cusack railed: “trumps only hope to illegally hold power – massive escalation of fasiscm [sic].”

Cusack’s tweet about Trump’s “fasiscm” was only one of a series of tweets the Say Anything actor posted on Monday. Early in the morning, Cusack used the word “stormtroopers” to describe the federal agents the administration sent to embattled Portland to restore order as local authorities have been incapable of securing the city that’s been ravaged by rioters and violent anarchists for weeks.

Cusack continued calling the federal agents “stormtroopers” is several other posts:

Storm troopers – Barr’s secret police maybe ice border people – prison guards – who knows – soooo…no prisons or borders in Portland,bill – go to jail,” the 2012 actor declared.

In yet another post, Cusack railed at CNN and MSNBC for not forcing Joe Biden to say that if he becomes president, he will prosecute and jail U.S. Attorney General William Barr and other members of the Trump administration.

Of course, these federal agents have only been sent into Portland after two months of destructive riots that have continued nearly every day without letup. Black Lives Matter rioters have burned police stations, and destroyed minority-owned businesses.

Some estimates say that by early June, the rioting had cost Portland’s downtown businesses a loss of $23 million. The Trump administration only took this action after months of destruction and in the face, not only of inaction by local officials, but outright support for the rioters expressed by local authorities.

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