Michael B. Jordan Demands Hollywood ‘Divest from the Police’ and Fund ‘Anti-Racist’ Content

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA - JUNE 06: Michael B. Jordan participates in the Hollywood talent agencies march to support Black Lives Matter protests on June 06, 2020 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)
Rich Fury/Getty Images

Creed star Michael B. Jordan is demanding that Hollywood studios “divest from the police” and prove their support for the Black Lives Matter movement by pouring money into “anti-racist” content.

Michael B. Jordan and the racial justice activist group Color of Change have published a list of four demands for Hollywood executives, including the industry’s complete disassociation from law enforcement, even for security purposes on TV and movie shoots.

“Hollywood must not use its economic power to prop up local police departments and other authorities who threaten and exploit Black lives, or promote anti-Black practices,” the list states. “Instead, where you have or can build the power to do so, advocate for alternatives and for reinvestment in Black communities.”

The list demands that production companies “hire independent security firms, instead of using police departments, for security at events and on sets.” For the permitting process and traffic coordination for outdoor shoots, they insist that local governments use civilian agencies, not police departments.

The annual Academy Awards ceremony relies heavily on the Los Angeles Police Department to handle traffic during the event at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. Under Jordan’s plan, the academy wouldn’t be able to use LAPD resources.

Jordan and Color of Change are also calling on Hollywood to invest in “anti-racist” content, which includes shows and movies that “represent the reality of the criminal justice system.”  Studios are being asked to hire consultants who can “help ensure authentic portrayals of Black people and issues affecting Black people, and who can help avoid harmful and misleading representations related to crime, law and race.”

The list also demands studios invest in “anti-racist trainings” as well as regular internal audits for diversity.

“The legacy of racism in Hollywood is long and unforgivable,” said Rashad Robinson, president of Color of Change,  in a statement. “We know from our advocacy that the industry won’t change on it’s own, so we’re building off our current work to hold Hollywood accountable to provide a roadmap to enacting racial justice.”

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