Howard Stern Compares SCOTUS Rose Garden Event to Jonestown Massacre

Howard Stern
AP Photo/Gregory Bull

SiriusXM host Howard Stern on Monday compared President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nomination event of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Jonestown massacre of 1978.

Several high-profile members of President Trump’s orbit, including Sens. Thom Tillis (R-NC) and Mike Lee (R-UT), former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R), and former White House aid Kellyanne Conway, tested positive for the Chinese coronavirus after attending the Rose Garden event. 

“I’m watching this thing, and it hits me all of a sudden and I start comparing it to Jonestown,” Stern said. “I’m sitting in my house, I’m wearing masks, I’m quarantining,” the veteran shock jock added. “I say to myself, ‘How is it they think they’re not going to get COVID?'”

Judge Coney Barret has tested negative for the illness.

Howard Stern, a onetime friend of President Trump, also said he was “shocked” at how long it took for the president to contract coronavirus and called his actions during the pandemic “egregious.”

“Every time I turn on the TV and see these events [the Trump administration] throw, the people are on top of each other and no one is wearing a mask,” Stern said.

The veteran shock jock continued: It’s “not even the disinterest in the virus, not even the lies about the virus, but the disdain for people who are trying to stay alive, the utter disdain for seeing people in their masks and laughing at them. And I’m like, ‘What is going on? What bizzaro universe am I living in?'”

“I’m happy to hear on a personal level that Donald is OK. Don’t get me wrong. I would be sad for him if he died and I would be sad for his family,” he added. “I’m a human being. I’m compassionate enough to care about everyone, and I’m compassionate enough to care about our country.


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