‘Seinfeld’ Star Wayne Knight Reprises ‘Newman’ Character to Mock Trump in Pro-Vote by Mail PSA

Wayne Knight in Seinfeld. NBC via IMDB, (1989)

Seinfeld actor Wayne Knight reprised his role as mailman Newman for a pro-vote by mail, get out the vote PSA that was not sponsored by the U.S. Post Office but by a liberal group tied to Barack Obama called PACRONYM.

In his inimitably conspiratorial Newman style, Knight mocks President Trump and his “so-called Postmaster General” — “That guy’s never licked a stamp,” Knight croaks — for their criticism of universal mail-in ballots. The ad’s sponsor, PACRONYM, is a left-wing super PAC founded in 2017 and run by Obama operatives Tara McGowan and David Plouffe. PACRONYM was also endorsed by failed 2016 Democrat presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. The PAC recently announced that it had raised $75 million to oppose Donald Trump’s reelection.

The ad was masterminded by Seinfeld and Veep writer and producer David Mandel who reached out to Knight to bring on his Newman character once again.

Watch below: 

“If we could capture the voice, if we get it funny, and we could get the message out, I felt like it would be disseminated in a way that would reach people, and that was what was important,” Knight told Entertainment Weekly.

Wayne Knight in Seinfeld. NBC via IMDB, (1989)

Knight also noted that he has refused to revisit the Newman character since Seinfeld went off the air in the 1990s, but he felt this 2020 election was the right time to make an exception to his desire to “let Newman die.”

But while Knight’s Newman character seems to be trying to say that mail-in balloting is perfectly fine and efficient, the number of incidents of ballot theft, mail-in ballots destroyed or dumped in garbage bins, and ballots being improperly delivered and printed seem to be growing by the day.

The same day Knight’s ad came out, it was reported that 50,000 voters received the wrong ballot in Ohio. The day before, a mayoral candidate in Texas was arrested for illegally obtaining 109 mail-in ballots. The day before that, thousands of New Jersey voters reportedly received the wrong ballots in the mail.

There have also been many instances of ballots found discarded by errant mail carriers. To name just a few such incidents, in September, ballots were found discarded in a ditch in Wisconsin, other ballots were found thrown away on South Los Angeles. Military ballots cast for Donald Trump were discarded in Pennsylvania. And a mail carrier was arrested for dumping mail in the garbage — including ballots — in New Jersey.

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