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Some Former Mets Could Be Amazin’ As New Manager

Now that Terry Collins has stepped down as manager of the New York Mets, the search is on for a new skipper in Queens. The likelihood of Mets GM Sandy Alderson bringing in a “Sandy Alderson guy” is probably very high.


‘Seinfeld’ Actor John O’Hurley: ‘I Believe’ in Trump

Actor John O’Hurley — perhaps best known for his role as Elaine Benes’ boss, J. Peterman, on ‘Seinfeld’ — has opened up about his storied film career, the election of President Donald Trump, and his new 90-minute song and show business retrospective ‘A Man with Standards.’


Seinfeld Star Touches Down in Israel

The actor, Wayne Knight, most familiar for his role as Newman in the acclaimed comedy series ‘Seinfeld,’ landed on Sunday morning in Israel.

wayne knight

CNN’s Smerconish: ‘Trump Is the George Costanza of the 2016 Field’

Saturday, CNN host Michael Smerconish compared GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump to George Costanza from the fifth season episode of “Seinfeld” titled “Opposite.” In that episode, George Costanza elects to do the opposite of what he would normally do in


Prosecution Witness: Chris Kyle’s Killer May Have Been Inspired by Seinfeld

The prosecution presented its rebuttal case Friday in the trial of Eddie Ray Routh, who is accused of killing “American Sniper” Navy SEAL Chris Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield. Routh has admitted to killing the two men but has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. The prosecution’s experts sought to challenge the credibility of Routh’s insanity claims, pointing out inconsistencies in his story and even a possible inspiration Routh may have drawn from the TV show “Seinfeld.”

Seinfeld pig man