Chelsea Handler Attacks 50 Cent After He Said ‘Vote Trump’: ‘You Used to Be My Favorite Ex-Boyfriend’

Instagram: chelseahandler

Comedian Chelsea Handler slammed rapper-actor 50 Cent, saying he is no longer her “favorite ex-boyfriend” now that he appears to have endorsed President Donald Trump for reelection after looking at Joe Biden’s tax policies.

“You used to be my favorite ex-boyfriend,” said Handler, responding to 50 Cent, who noted that 2020 presidential nominee Joe Biden’s tax plan is “very, very bad” and said he does not want to become “20 Cent.”

The rapper appeared to endorse President Trump on Monday in an Instagram post, in which he proclaimed in a message to his 26 million followers that Joe Biden’s proposed tax plan would see New York City taxpayers earning more than $400,000 paying a combined state and local income tax rate of more than 60 percent.

“WHAT THE FUCK! (VOTE For TRUMP) IM OUT, FUCK NEW YORK The KNICKS never win anyway,” he said in a social media post alongside an image of the top tax rates in California (62.6 percent), New Jersey (60 percent), New York State (58 percent), and New York City (62 percent) under the former vice president’s proposed tax plan.

The following day, 50 Cent doubled down, quipping that he has no interest in going from “50 Cent” to “20 Cent.”

“Yeah, i don’t want to be 20cent. 62% is a very, very, bad idea, i don’t like it!” tweeted 50 Cent on Tuesday.

The Fox News clip had featured a tweet from President Trump’s senior advisor Katrina Pierson, who surmised, “I guess 50 cent don’t wanna end up 20 cent” upon hearing of the rapper’s apparent endorsement of the president on Monday.

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