Nolte: NBC’s Far-Left ‘Saturday Night Live’ Premiere Ratings Down More Than 50%


Far-left Saturday Night Live’s 47th season premiere attracted less than half the number of viewers who tuned in to last year’s season premiere.

In 2020, the season 46 premiere attracted 7.5 million viewers. This Saturday, only 3.5 million tuned in for the start of the season.

While it is certainly heartening to discover that only about one percent of the country watches this cowardly propaganda, as someone who has not paid much attention to SNL’s ratings, I will admit to being surprised that as many as 3.5 million did tune in.


What’s the attraction?

Bad skits separated by a shitload of commercials? So that’s the idea of a fun Saturday night for 3.5 million Americans?


I can see 3.5 million tuning in pre-cable TV-streaming-home video — you know, when there were no other options. But we are buried in alternative content these days, so who still wants to watch bad skits separated by a shitload of commercials?

The bad news for far-left SNL is that all of these left-wing propaganda “comedy” shows, including ones hosted by Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and Stephen Colbert, are hitting significant lows. Of course, apologists will claim it’s due to the lack of a presidential election, but nothing in the history of SNL’s ratings points to that.

What I think is that these shows sold their comedic souls to attack former President Trump and his supporters, and now the bill has come due. The leftists who loved being catered to are no longer tuning in, and the right-of-center viewers, who were degraded and insulted as stupid racists for four years, will never come back.

True comedy makes you laugh. All Colbert, Fallon, Kimmel, and SNL did for four years was to make leftists applaud. Getting people who agree with you to applaud requires no talent. Making people laugh not only requires talent but also involves an element of truth. Leftists cannot tell the truth, so they can no longer be funny, and their audience is tuning out — including those on the left, who no longer feel the need to be reaffirmed by bad skits separated by a shitload of commercials.

The other thing hurting leftists like SNL is that they have become the establishment scolds. They are the blacklisters. They are the McCarthyties. They are the puritans. They are no longer pushing the envelope. Instead, they have become the sourpuss finger-waggers killing everyone else’s fun.

The heyday of SNL pushed the envelope. You go back and watch those old shows, and, sure, they were always hit or miss, but at least they were anti-establishment. No one was inoculated from satire in those days. Today’s SNL comes off as the same Church Lady SNL used to make fun of.

Watching SNL is more exhausting than fun.

SNL used to be, above all things, fun.


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