WATCH: Pride Parade Clips Show Shocking and Bizarre Moments — with Children in Attendance


Cities around the United States held parades and other events over the weekend to celebrate Pride Month. Bizarre displays and antics from attendees have since appeared on social media, with a few videos showing that children were present. Here are several disturbing moments from the latest round of Pride parades.

In one viral video from the weekend, two Pride parade attendees explained that they knew they were gay at age 10, adding, “but I wasn’t, like, clear on my gender.”

“I think I was around 10 when I started questioning if I was bi, and then since then it was kind of, like, a slippery slope, because I was like, ‘Am I bi? Omni? Lesbian?’ and now recently I’ve been, like, ‘Am I pan?’ But then I, like, I think now I’m starting to realize that I’m queer,” one explained.

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“But yeah, it started around 10,” the Pride parade attendee continued. “It wasn’t, like, fully formed, but I guess, like, that’s when I realized, ‘Wait, that’s a possibility?'”

After being asked what she identifies as, the attendee said, “I am genderqueer trans-masc, and queer,” explaining that “trans-masc is, like, people under the non-binary umbrella identifying, like, or presenting masc [masculine].”

“I’m trans, and my sexuality is unlabeled. I use he/him pronouns,” the second attendee added.

“And I use he/they pronouns,” the other chimed in.

In another clip, one woman admitted that she did not know what she identified as, stating, “I don’t know. Gender-neutral or gender fluid. I think that’s what they said, I don’t know. I’m confused.”

Other images from the weekend showed that children were in attendance at Pride-themed events.

One video showed an adult encouraging a little girl to wave at men dressed in women’s clothing while other men walked by, clad in rainbow-colored speedos with tight bulges on display.

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Another video shows a drag queen standing on an eggplant emoji float, proclaiming — with young children present — “We have genitals and lube.”

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In another video, a toddler can be seen standing at a Pride parade while half-naked men clad in BDSM bondage walk by whipping each other.

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One video appears to show an adult forcing her reluctant child to watch the Pride parade.

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Another video shows a drag queen lip-syncing while walking with a child on stage.

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Additional video clips show that children were present at a drag show featuring several men disrobing and suggestively dancing on stage.

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The L.A. Pride music festival on Saturday was described as an “all-ages” event, according to a report by Los Angeles Daily News.

Pop star Christina Aguilera was seen wearing a green, bejeweled phallus, with which she repeatedly stroked during her performance at the all-ages event on Saturday night.

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