‘Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse’ Teams with Soros-Backed American Immigration Council

Sony Pictures

Sony’s animated blockbuster Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse has released an ad in partnership with a George Soros-backed group whose goal is to import more cheap immigrant labor.

The American Immigration Council (AIC) is taking credit for the PSA — but instead of mentioning immigration, the Hollywood partnership is being marketed as a plea for “belonging,” with the goal of creating a “more welcoming nation.”

The Spider-Man tie-in consists of a 30-second video featuring characters from the hit sequel accompanied by a voice-over urging greater acceptance of others.

“It doesn’t take a superhero to bring forces together. We all have the power to reach out and help someone feel like they belong,” the narrator says.

Watch below:

Spider-Man is partnering with a group called Belonging Begins with Us, which is a project of AIC — the Soros-backed organization that is trying to flood the country with cheap labor by pushing for more immigration as well as amnesty for some illegal aliens.

Belonging Begins with Us works with the Ad Council to partner with prominent brands and entertainment titles in an attempt to push its soft message of “belonging” and “welcoming.”

“Belonging” has emerged as a key marketing buzzword for the AIC, which defines it as a “fundamental human need, and one that is linked to many of the most complex challenges of our time.”  The organization has even published a study titled “The Belonging Barometer,” which calls for greater acceptance of “non-citizen immigrants” and other groups.

“The Americans who report being treated as ‘less than’ tend to be younger, first-generation or non-citizen immigrants, identify as non-Hispanic white, or identify as a gender minority,” the study concludes. “The range of demographic categories who reported being treated as ‘less than others.'”

The Hollywood push comes amid falling support for immigration, as the Biden administration’s open-border policies have resulted in an unprecedented tsunami of illegal border crossings.

As Breitbart News reported, a YouGov poll found a growing plurality of citizens alongside almost two out of three Republicans say immigration makes the nation “worse off.”

Spider-Verse 2, which is a Marvel Studios production, is poised to become one of the biggest movies of the summer. The sequel has so far grossed $225 million domestically and is in the midst of its global rollout.

The Soros network may go through a shakeup in the coming years, as the infamous left-wing billionaire has handed over the reins of his activism-charity projects to his millennial son Alex.

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